Broadly defined as the practice of creating a name and design that differentiates an organization from others, image building and branding often see some of their key steps underestimated or simply overlooked.

Accurately identifying what your unique offer is, recognizing who are and should be your key audiences/clients and understanding their perception of as well as level of satisfaction – if applicable – for the service/product you offer, supersedes the simple creation or rethinking of a name and logo.

Comunexim will manage or guide you through your image building and branding exercise to make sure that your brand effectively (re)connects and positively resonates with your members, stakeholders and key audiences.

Contact Comunexim for your branding needs such as:

  • brand analysis
  • stakeholders’ survey
  • partners’ consultation
  • brand creation
  • graphic design
  • branding materials
  • brand implementation
  • stationeries