Comunexim is a communications agency assisting organizations with their full spectrum of communication activities and challenges, from graphic design, printing & copywriting, all the way to full branding, web design & media relations.

Based in Toronto and providing communications consulting services across Canada, Comunexim uses its experience and expertise in the field of communications to alleviate the communications portfolio workload for small & medium organizations, as well as to execute targeted tasks in specific areas for larger organizations.

Comunexim helps you…

  • Connect with your audience: Comunexim fully recognizes your communications are the cornerstone of any successful client relationship. We assist you in successfully managing them by way of effective copywriting, proofreading and translation, as well as establishing a professional sustainable online presence.
  • Be proud of your image: Comunexim strives to assist your organization to build its brand image from the ground up or to improve and maintain it. We achieve this through stakeholder surveys, partner consultation, website development as well as high quality graphic design of marketing materials and stationeries.
  • Sharpen your message: Comunexim is dedicated to delivering professional, efficient and outside-the-box thinking and solutions to address the challenges your organization may be facing. This is done via meaningful communications, media relations as well as website and social media set up and management.